• Convenience of being driven home in your car
  • Don't inconvenience your family and friends
  • Your personal chauffuer in your car, with no hassles
  • Don't risk your life and the life of others


So there is plenty to do in the Perth CBD after work in restaurants, wine bars, tapas bars, hotel cocktail lounges, steakhouses, then later shows, nightclubs. However, what if you have driven to work and your car is in the City, do you drive home, then come back in? Or do you elect a designated driver and who is that going to be?

Drive U Home Perth

We pick you up from the pub or restaurant and take you home IN YOUR CAR. That’s a Good Idea, Yes it is!! You Drink We Drive. So if your car is in the City, relax because we’ll get you and your car home safely. Drive U Home Perth are Perth’s  premier designated driver service. We’re your Personal Chauffeur who will make sure that you get to your bed and your car gets to it’s carport. If you’re in a restaurant and your car is parked outside and you’re over the limit (doesn’t take many drinks) then you have 2 choices:

  1. take the risk
  2. take a taxi

If you take a taxi, then you have to take another taxi in the morning to pick up your car (if it hasn’t been stolen or vandalized), that’s 2 taxi fares. We do it for the same cost as 1 taxi fare.