Recent Personal Chauffeur Job

A Typical Personal Chauffeur Job

One of our members, Dorothy, booked DriveUhome-Perth last month to pick up her parents (Rusty and Betty) from a wedding reception to take them home in her car.

I was the Driver that night and Angelo was my Co-Driver and we drove to the East Fremantle Yacht Club and connected with Dorothy and her parents  and set off in Dorothy’s car to their home in Salters Point with Angelo following behind in his car.

Advantages of Using a Personal Chauffeur Service

We were cruising along a suburban street with Rusty in the front passenger seat and Betty in the back when suddenly an accident occurred some 20 metres in front of us.

A station wagon (with 6 people on board) was coming towards us and a SUV (with one driver) came out of a side street from the right, went through a white line without stopping and clipped the front of the station wagon causing extensive damage to the front.

We carefully drove past the incident and pulled over to check if there were any injuries that required an ambulance and Rusty wanted to give his details to the driver of the station wagon as a witness to what happened.

Although the damage was extensive there were no injuries so Rusty gave his details and we drove on to Salters Point.

It was only then that we realized that if Rusty or Betty had been driving (after having drinks at the wedding reception) their reaction time may not have been as fast as mine (with nil alcohol in my system) and they could have been involved in the accident with the station wagon being pushed into their path.

Another good reason for using our “drive you home in your car” service.

So-when planning your next outing-remember :-

 DriveUhome-Perth – Your Personal Chauffeur. We’ll get you and your car home safely


So you’re planning a Restaurant Outing to celebrate an anniversary or birthday with a group of friends or family.

Should you take the car or take a taxi there and a taxi back ?

If you take the car then who is going to be the designated driver who doesn’t drink ?

Whose turn is it ?Restaurant 4

Will that person enjoy the evening as much as everyone else being stone cold sober all night ?

Unless they’re a reformed alcoholic or a teetotaller from way back-they’re going to consider “just the one drink” then have to call a taxi and leave the car in the restaurant car park.

Or take the risk and drive and put their life in danger and their partner as well.

There is a third option-book the restaurant then book DriveUhome-Perth to get you and your car home safely at the end of the evening.

Better still-pick up your friends or family on the way to the restaurant and DriveUhome-Perth will drop them off home on the way to your place and you can share the cost of the service.

Click on the Venue Links button on our website and find a list of restaurants that are offering the DriveUhome-Perth.

Ask for our brochure at the restaurant reception and then call

DriveUhome-Perth-we’ll get you and your car home safely

Fi Fo Workers

So you’re a long term Fly In Fly Out Worker with a great job and salary to match.

You work hard and you play hard and you’re putting your life together and have big dreams and ambitions.

You have invested in a nice apartment in the Perth CBD to store your furniture and a high performance car parked in the underground garage.

You go to work in the minesite for 3 weeks-then come back to town for 3 weeks and party !

All is good…………………………….or is it ?FIFO 3


There are a couple of down sides :-

-the high cost of long term airport parking

-drink driving on your way home from the airport


DriveUhome-Perth can help :-

-you drive yourself to the airport-we meet you there and grab your carkeys.

-you fly off to work and we drive your car home-park it-give the keys to a neighbour.

-you fly back in-we pick up your car from home and meet you at the airport.

-we drive you home as you’re probably over the limit..


Then you go out to party-hotel-restaurant-nightclub-whatever

DriveUhome-Perth can help again :-

-you drive yourself to the venue.

-you book a time for DriveUhome-Perth to pick you up.

-at the end of the night-we drive you and your car home.


You are creating a great life for yourself but what happens if you drink and drive and have an accident and injured and lose your licence?


Your life would be dramatically changed :-

-no job

-no licence

-possible long term injury

-your dreams and ambitions shattered.


Don’t risk all that-take out membership with DriveUhome-Perth and stay safe!

Business People


Corporate business Lunch

Successful lunch and time to get back to the office

So you’re a successful businessman (or business woman) having graduated from university-started a company from scratch-employ lots of trusted people to run your business and (these days) focus more on marketing and future development.

You have your well appointed office and boardroom however you prefer to meet your business associates over lunch outside the office which runs perfectly well in your absence.

So you get into your luxury car and have it valet parked while you go into the restaurant and wine and dine your clients for a couple of hours and successful business deals are struck and celebrated with that last drink.

Then that thought enters your mind “I wouldn’t be over the limit would I? Eating and drinking over 2 hours and how many wines did I have ? And the brandy at the end………..

This is when you have 3 options :-

1) take the risk-“she’ll be right-I feel OK-haven’t seen a booze bus for weeks-long time since I had a car accident-not much traffic about”-you pay the bill and drive back to the office or home.

2) call a taxi -which arrives after an hour-takes you the long way home.You have to leave your car in the restaurant car park to be possibly vandalized or stolen.Then you have to get another taxi in the morning to pick up your car and drive it home with alcohol still in your blood and possibly still over the limit.

3) call DriveUhome-Perth to pick you up from the restaurant (they will arrive at the pick up time or let you know if there’s a delay) and take you home in your car.Then you’re safely tucked up in bed and your “pride & joy” is safely tucked up in your garage.

You have made some good business decisions in the past which have got you to where you are-make the right personal decision for the future by taking out membership of DriveUhome-Perth so that next time you have your Membership card with our telephone number in your wallet and you can give us a call.