• Avoid the Booze Bus
  • Don't risk your life and the life of others
  • Avoid losing your licence
  • Avoid an excessive fine
  • Don't inconvenience your family and friends


Are your drivers fully insured in case they have an accident while they are driving my car ?

When you use Driveuhome-Perth your car will be covered to the vale of $100,000.So if the worst should happen and there is an accident this will cover for your car,any other car involved in the accident and public liability to $5,000,000

If I drive myself to the airport will a driver be able to take my car home without me so I don’t have to pay long term parking fees?

Absolutely and arrangements can be made to pick you up when you return so we can take you home. Our charge for this service is $80.00 plus the fuel levy of $10 (up to 40kms) and $20 (over 40kms). Still cheaper than long term parking and your car is in your carport at home.

Do your drivers have their own GPS in case I have had too much to drink to give instructions on how to get me home?

The co-driver will have a GPS and will lead or follow the client’s car as instructed-they are also in contact by mobile phone (Viber) through hands free bluetooth.

How much notice do you need for a booking?

We request 24 hours notice for a booking on all jobs from non-members however once you become a member then you can ring us on the night (preferably with an hours notice) and we will schedule the job in with existing booked jobs. Members always receive preference over non-members however we may ask you to wait another half an hour to fit in with other jobs in the zone (means have another drink!)

What happens if the driver arrives to pick me up and I keep them waiting?

If you require the driver to wait for you at any stage, wait time will be charged at $20 per 15 minutes from the pickup time.

When will I know the driver has arrived to take me home?

Our driver will ring your mobile five minutes before your pick up time to confirm the booking and request the end address (usually your home address but it may not be your next destination).He will also ask if you have guests that need dropping off and the suburbs involved so that he can give our base a timeframe for the job.He will then make arrangements where to meet you-outside the entrance or where your car is parked.

Are your drivers registered taxi drivers?

DriveUhome-Perth is not a taxi service so our drivers do not have to be registered taxi drivers.

However, our drivers have an F-Extension to their current drivers licence which means they are authorized to drive a bus or small charter vehicle (which they are occasionally asked to do).An F-Extension comes with a National Police Clearance Certificate and clean driving convictions record.

Once the annual membership is paid are there any other charges?

Yes-each job is charged out at the kilometre rate (check the “How Much?” button on the website)-minimum 10 kilometres-maximum 100 kilometres from the event to home.

There is also a fuel levy of $10 (up to 40 kilometres) and $20 (over 40 kilometres) which goes to the co-driver who is using his own fuel to follow the client’s car.

Are there any other types of membership ?

Yes – an Associate Membership is one negotiated with a restaurant or hotel or any entertainment venue where alcohol is sold.

Reputable organizations have an RSA strategy (Responsible Service of Alcohol) which includes offering their clients the option of being driven home in their cars by DriveUhome-Perth.

The cost is negotiable with each organization as each venue is different with different needs.

What’s the difference between a Private Key Membership and a Corporate Key Membership ?

A Private Key Membership is an individual membership and you will receive one membership number which you can use multiple times in 12 months-the cost is $100 per year.

A Corporate Key Membership is for a business owner that has 3 or more employees and will receive 4 membership numbers which can be issued to executive staff which again can be used multiple times in 12 months-the cost is $300 per year.

The company’s credit card is charged for executives’ use of the service.

This is known as a Bronze Membership.

A Silver Membership is for businesses up to 10 executive cardholders-the cost is $695 per year.

A Gold Membership is for businesses up to 18 executive cardholders-the cost is $995 per year.

What happens if I don’t join and I want to use the service again ?

We will still take you home however we will levy a surcharge of $25.00 as a non-member and our driver will again offer an application form and if you complete it on the night and give us your credit card details for a year’s membership then we will waive the surcharge.

Can I use the service without being a member of DriveUhome-Perth ?

Yes-in the first instance we will drive you home as a non-member at the same price as a member-however our driver will give you an application form and confirm that you will have to be a member for the next occasion. Your name and mobile number will be recorded in our database as a non-member.