Fi Fo Workers

So you’re a long term Fly In Fly Out Worker with a great job and salary to match.

You work hard and you play hard and you’re putting your life together and have big dreams and ambitions.

You have invested in a nice apartment in the Perth CBD to store your furniture and a high performance car parked in the underground garage.

You go to work in the minesite for 3 weeks-then come back to town for 3 weeks and party !

All is good…………………………….or is it ?FIFO 3


There are a couple of down sides :-

-the high cost of long term airport parking

-drink driving on your way home from the airport


DriveUhome-Perth can help :-

-you drive yourself to the airport-we meet you there and grab your carkeys.

-you fly off to work and we drive your car home-park it-give the keys to a neighbour.

-you fly back in-we pick up your car from home and meet you at the airport.

-we drive you home as you’re probably over the limit..


Then you go out to party-hotel-restaurant-nightclub-whatever

DriveUhome-Perth can help again :-

-you drive yourself to the venue.

-you book a time for DriveUhome-Perth to pick you up.

-at the end of the night-we drive you and your car home.


You are creating a great life for yourself but what happens if you drink and drive and have an accident and injured and lose your licence?


Your life would be dramatically changed :-

-no job

-no licence

-possible long term injury

-your dreams and ambitions shattered.


Don’t risk all that-take out membership with DriveUhome-Perth and stay safe!