Recent Personal Chauffeur Job

A Typical Personal Chauffeur Job

One of our members, Dorothy, booked DriveUhome-Perth last month to pick up her parents (Rusty and Betty) from a wedding reception to take them home in her car.

I was the Driver that night and Angelo was my Co-Driver and we drove to the East Fremantle Yacht Club and connected with Dorothy and her parents  and set off in Dorothy’s car to their home in Salters Point with Angelo following behind in his car.

Advantages of Using a Personal Chauffeur Service

We were cruising along a suburban street with Rusty in the front passenger seat and Betty in the back when suddenly an accident occurred some 20 metres in front of us.

A station wagon (with 6 people on board) was coming towards us and a SUV (with one driver) came out of a side street from the right, went through a white line without stopping and clipped the front of the station wagon causing extensive damage to the front.

We carefully drove past the incident and pulled over to check if there were any injuries that required an ambulance and Rusty wanted to give his details to the driver of the station wagon as a witness to what happened.

Although the damage was extensive there were no injuries so Rusty gave his details and we drove on to Salters Point.

It was only then that we realized that if Rusty or Betty had been driving (after having drinks at the wedding reception) their reaction time may not have been as fast as mine (with nil alcohol in my system) and they could have been involved in the accident with the station wagon being pushed into their path.

Another good reason for using our “drive you home in your car” service.

So-when planning your next outing-remember :-

 DriveUhome-Perth – Your Personal Chauffeur. We’ll get you and your car home safely