So you’re planning a Restaurant Outing to celebrate an anniversary or birthday with a group of friends or family.

Should you take the car or take a taxi there and a taxi back ?

If you take the car then who is going to be the designated driver who doesn’t drink ?

Whose turn is it ?Restaurant 4

Will that person enjoy the evening as much as everyone else being stone cold sober all night ?

Unless they’re a reformed alcoholic or a teetotaller from way back-they’re going to consider “just the one drink” then have to call a taxi and leave the car in the restaurant car park.

Or take the risk and drive and put their life in danger and their partner as well.

There is a third option-book the restaurant then book DriveUhome-Perth to get you and your car home safely at the end of the evening.

Better still-pick up your friends or family on the way to the restaurant and DriveUhome-Perth will drop them off home on the way to your place and you can share the cost of the service.

Click on the Venue Links button on our website and find a list of restaurants that are offering the DriveUhome-Perth.

Ask for our brochure at the restaurant reception and then call

DriveUhome-Perth-we’ll get you and your car home safely